Obeliu group

International group of companies

OBELIU GROUP owns food production and wholesale, real estate and veterinary services providing companies in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus. The main purpose - strategic OBELIU GROUP corporate management and providing a variety of centralized services: financial analysis and business insights, accounting, personnel, lawyer, marketing, quality and information technology management.


Lomista Obelių aliejus Obelių majonezas Vilnius Perla Perle

From idea to market share

Vegetable oil import and production, wholesale in Lithuania and export to other countries, management of own brands OBELIU ALIEJUS, OBELIU MAJONEZAS, VILNIUS, PERLA and PERLE in Lithuania, Latvia and Sweden. More than 30% share of the edible oil market in Lithuania, including our own brands and retail chains‘ private labels!
We are: flexible, fast and creative experts who value quality.

vetfarmas veterinarijos didmena

For animal health and well-being

Wholesale in Lithuania of veterinary pharmaceutical products (medicines, vaccines, biocides, veterinary instruments), feed additives and supplements for pets and farm animals, mobile mill services, disinfectants and cleaning agents. Consultancy about animal health and well-being issues.
We are: experienced professionals, giving their special attention to each client.

bertas nams

We will always help you

Wholesale and online trade in Latvia of veterinary products and services: medicines, vaccines, biocides, veterinary instruments, feed additives and supplements. A committed team will always give an advice about animal health and welfare to veterinary professionals and pet lovers.
We are: professional, positive, reliable, honest, always ready to help you and your pets.

Respublikinis veterinarijos aprūpinimo centras

Veterinary experts

Wholesale of animal labeling, growing and treatment products for farm and small animals. Smooth supply of high-quality products, flexible terms of cooperation and exclusive approach to our clients. Qualified team which has more than 20 years of experience provides professional advice and assistance to farmers, agricultural companies, pet stores, veterinarians and veterinary clinics and pharmacies.
We are: professional, reliable, energetic and dedicated to our work.

Kirkšnovė sodyba turizmas baidarių nuoma

Celebrations, seminars and recreation center

Surrounded by pines, larches and centuries-old oaks our center, located in the regional park near the river KIRKSNOVE welcomes those, who wish to organize different seminars, enjoy the peace and harmony of nature or maybe opposite to disturb it by implementing their celebrations‘ ideas and enjoying sports entertainments. Fishing equipment, kayaks, sauna and hot tub available for rent. Ballroom can accommodate 120 people, conference hall - up to 100 as well as 49 beds to sleep.
We are: honest, helpful, caring and customer-focused.

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